Android Snap!

Dec 08

Today I’ve released my second Android app – Android Snap! As the name might suggest it’s an Android version of the popular card game Snap! that you may remember from your childhood :)

Currently you can play either versus the phone or against another player.  Player 1 / Phone are the blue hand, whilst Player 2 / You are the red.  I should be releasing an up to 4 player version very soon…just need to finish it off!  I’m going to add some more updates like a help screen, top scores (wins / losses vs phone) and also maybe an online leaderboard of average reaction times so that you can measure up against other people around the world to see how fast you really are!

I’m hopefully going to write some proper blog posts as well about some difficulties I came up against and weren’t easy to solve (and didn’t have many answers online!).

I welcome any comments and suggestions on improvements to Android Snap!

You can download Android Snap! by scanning the following QR code into your phone:

Voice Guesser

Nov 24

I’m pleased to announce the release of my first Android app called “Voice Guesser”.  It’s a simple “guess the number” game where (you guessed it) you try to guess the number the phone has thought of between 1-1000!  Of course, the “voice” in the title signifies that you don’t have to rely on text input…no…you can use your own voice to make the guesses!  If you don’t feel like doing the hard work, you can let the phone guess your number instead.  It’s pretty smart though and will likely figure it out within the 10 attempts – don’t try and fool it…it knows!!! ;)

This app is basically my first attempt and has been used as the “figuring out Android programming” process that will hopefully lead on to much more interesting things!  I’m going to try and improve it some more at some stage – I just wanted to get it “out there” for now as it generally works pretty well.

You can download the app by searching for “Voice Guesser” on the Android Market.  Alternatively scan in the QR code below:

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